Arrangements for safely opening our stadium are complex and there are many details to me remembered by supporters visiting the ground.  We produced a set of Frequently Asked Questions and provided answers to help you prepare for you visit


Do I have to purchase tickets in advance or will tickets be available on the day?

Tickets much be purchased online, in advance.  We are required to collect the details of each attendee as part of the governments Track and Trace scheme.  Tickets will NOT be available at the ground on the day.

You can purchase tickets at

What about season ticket holders?

Season Ticket holders have priority.  Arrive as usual at the ground and your season ticket will be scanned.  As your season ticket details are used for Track and Trace, you MUST NOT allow anyone else to uses your Season ticket.  

Are away supports permitted?

We will not be allowing access to away supporters at this time.  We will notify opposing clubs as conditions change.  Away supporters are able to take advantage of our Live Streaming Service  

Do I have to buy a ticket for a particular part of the ground?

Yes, you must buy a ticket for a particular stand.  You cannot move from one stand to another.  You must keep your ticket with you at all times.

What about Under 11s, are they still free?

Yes,  under 11s are still free, with an accompanying playing adult.  The adult is responsible for the child at all times and the child must be accompanied by their adult AT ALL TIMES

There is a temporary limit of 2 children per adult, to ensure children are properly supervised and are adhering to social distancing rules.


What facilities will be available within the ground?

The food outlets will be open to purchase food and drink.  You must wear a mask while queueing and observe social distancing.

Toilet facilities will be available for your area of the ground.

Will programmes or team sheets be available?

We will not be producing team sheets or programmes while COVID restrictions are in place.

I use a wheelchair, can I get a dedicated space?

Wheelchair spaces are available as usual.  Please contact the club in advance with your reservation request.  See our disability policy for info.



How do I access the ground on match day?

Entry to the ground will vary depending on which stand you have purchased a ticket for.  You can find details of entry points and routes by clicking HERE.

Do I need to bring my ticket with me?

Yes, you must bring your ticket with you.  You can print it out, or have it easily accessible on your smartphone or tablet.  You will need to keep your ticket with you at all times and must present it to stewards or staff on request.  

I have a disability or other needs that mean I need assistance getting in to the ground – will you help?

Our stewards continue to be on-hand and will observe social distancing where possible while helping you.  Please be aware that in some cases providing physical assistance means that full social distancing isn’t possible.   Our safety team will risk assess each situation.

Can I move around the ground?

No you must stay within the stand that you purchased a ticket for.  Designated toilet and catering facilities will be clearly marked in your area. 


How will social distancing be enforced within the ground?

Safe routes have been designed and are marked around the ground.  Where possible physical barriers will be used.  Our matchday safety team will be on hand to assist and ensure supporter follow the rules.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Masks are mandatory when moving around the ground.  They may only be removed in seated stands, once you have taken your seat.  Masks must be warn at all other times.

What should I do if another support is not observing social distancing or other ground rules?

Speak to one of our match day safety team, or any other member of staff.

 What happens if I do not observe the COVD19 rules or other ground regulations?

By entering our ground you agree to abide by our terms of entry.  If you do not abide by the rules, you will be warned, in the first instance.  If you continue to fail to follow our rules you will be ejected from the ground, without a refund and may be subject to a banning order.  If your behaviour is considered criminal, you may be arrested by police within the ground.

Please ensure you follow the instructions of our security team and club officials. 



Will Press be admitted to the ground?

We can only accommodate 8 members of the press in the press area.  Priority will be given to Home media staff, 1 X away club media staff (plus one pitch side photographer), club media partners and NL partners.  It will not be possible to accommodate all requests.  

Can I use the press box?

The internal press boxes will be closed to non-club staff.  Press will only have access to the external press area.  Post match interviews will take place in this area.  Members of the press must remain in the press area at all times.