Stefan Milton says he doesn’t volunteer at Dover Athletic to win accolades – he does it because he loves it.

But the media team member couldn’t hide his pride when he was told he’d been named the National League Volunteer of the Month for September.

Stefan has been with the club since October 2016 and he plays a vital role in video editing match highlights and sending them to BT Sport, Scout 7 etc while at the ground every match day.

What makes his dedication even more special is that the 29-year-old has Metatropic dysplasia and is wheelchair-bound.

Stefan, who has missed just one game in his time with us, says he was thrilled to have won the award.

‘’It’s not why you volunteer, but it’s certainly a nice feeling to have won it,’’ the Manchester United and Kevin Lokko fan said.

‘’I think there are lots of other people at the club who deserve to win this award.

‘’We’re all one big team, contributing to the bigger picture, and I am so proud to be part of that.’’

The directors, management, players, staff, volunteers and supporters of Dover Athletic would like to congratulate Stefan on winning the award.

We are extreamly proud of Stefan and the work he does for the football club.

He always has smile on his face and we love having him as part of our important volunteer team.

There is so much work done behind the scenes that people don’t ever see, all on a voluntary basis, which all contribute to the successful running of this club.