The Striker Lottery has been suspended until further notice due to the new COVID-19 lockdown.

The draw for this week has been made and the results will be published shortly.

Striker Lottery Manager, Harry Reid, said: “Given the current situation we are all in, we have found ourselves in a position where not only can our agents not collect from certain establishments  (pubs, clubs, shops, etc), we are in a situation where we cannot put our agents and customers in danger when collecting door-to-door.

“This situation leaves the income for the lottery far less than that of the current prize money which gives us no alternative but to suspend the Striker Lottery until such time as the COVID situation improves.

“Please do not worry if you are in credit, or become in credit during the suspension, when we restart the total credit you had from week 09 will still be there in full.”

In regard to bank standing orders, Reid said: “The Striker Lottery System does not hold your personal bank details; therefore should you wish to suspend your standing order while we are in this situation, you yourself will have to notify your bank.  We will give a statement on restarting to give you time to notify your bank when to restart the standing order.

“However, if you leave your standing order being paid into the Striker Account, when we commence again your payments will be in credit and we can always then review the situation as to how we go forward.

“Please be assured you will not lose your money. The Striker account is separate to that of the Club and I will each week download the Standing Orders and will therefore know exactly how much each member has in credit.

“We are not closing the Striker Lottery down, only suspending it due to the present situation, so thank you for your loyal support and please stay safe.

“We as a club would also like to thank all of those members who have donated their regular Striker Lottery payments to the football club as donations, while the lottery is suspended – the gesture is very much appreciated by us all at the club.”