Dover Athletic is offering a chance for men over 50 to get out of their armchairs and back into playing football.

Working in conjunction with Dover District Council, we will be soon be starting a walking football project at Crabble.

The rules of the game are much the same as what we normally see played – however, there are some major differences.

Anything so much as a jog is prohibited for a start!!

Teams playing are also smaller, with between five and seven players a-side.

Other rules include free kicks are indirect, kick-ins replace throws, there are no offsides and the ball must be kept below head height.

If this inspires you, or someone you know to get active, the first session will be played on Sunday, February 19th.

The opening day of the project, which is aimed to engage with the community to provide an opportunity for men aged 50+ to become more socially and physically active, starts at 10am and finishes at 11.30am.

It will include an hour of football followed by refreshments in the Centre Spot.

The first five weeks will also be FREE of charge.

So, come along and have a shot at playing!

Walking Football