Ricky Miller is back and the striker means business.

The 32-year-old re-joined the club last week, but he’s not come back for sentimental reasons.

He’s come ‘home’ to do what he’s done in the past and that’s to score goals.

Miller, who scored 68 goals in 101 appearances for us previously, said: “I’ve certainly not come back for the sake of it and I want the supporters to know that.

“Don’t get me wrong, it will be absolutely fantastic to see all my old friends and the fans again, but I’m here because I know I can still do the business and I can score goals.

“I can assure everyone that I’ve got a lot of life left in me yet and believe me, – I’ve still got a lot of ambitions I want to achieve and I want to do them with Dover!

“Yes, it’s going to be tough chalking off that 12-point deduction, and people will write us off.

“We’ll be the underdogs but I have no doubt we’ll certainly prove the doubters wrong.

“We’ll be giving it our all on the pitch and we’ll need our fans to get right behind us from the off because we are all in this together, so come on. let’s do this!

As for the move back to Crabble, four years after he left for League One Peterborough United, Miller said it was a journey he wanted to happen again.

“I have wanted to come back for a long time, but the time wasn’t right – now it is.

“It has been a long hard journey for me of late as people don’t see the sacrifices you make when you are a full-time professional footballer.

“When you’re happy at home, you’re happy on the pitch – I feel really settled now, and the move back to Dover ticks all the right boxes for me.

“I’ve always felt the love here and it was the happiest I’ve ever been in my career here  – that’s why I played my best football.

“I am so excited to be back and I cannot wait to get going!